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In-Office hours are 9am to 4:45pm on Mondays Only for Initial and Transfer Patients.

In-Office exams are not required for Renewals which are conducted via telehealth for your convenience.

Find Relief with Alternative Medicine in Palm Beach County, FL

Discover how Canna Wellness Clinics can help

Speak directly with our experienced doctors to obtain a medical card or book a discounted exam to renew or transfer your medical card certification. Your health and certification needs are our priority.

Explore our selection of Natural Supplements and Healthy Skincare Products to enhance your medical wellness journey. We offer quality supplements and skincare solutions tailored to support your well-being. Plus, don't forget about our treatment plans designed specifically for pets!

At Canna Wellness Clinics, we prioritize your total medical wellness. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans and crafting a medical wellness roadmap tailored specifically to you.

At Canna Wellness Clinics, we treat the person.

Collaborate with our team to effortlessly submit and obtain your State medical card. We streamline the process to make it convenient for you. We handle the paperwork and guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Trust us to navigate the complexities, so you can focus on your well-being.

How to Get Relief with NATURAL MEDICINE

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Step One

Schedule Time

Make an appointment with one of Canna Wellness Clinic’s independent medical health professionals.

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Step Two

Get Certified

Attend your appointment, and ask about getting certified. If certified, you’ll receive a medical recommendation.

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Step Three

Apply with Ease

To make the process as easy as possible, we’ll walk you through the application process. You just pay the State application fee!

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Step Four

Get Your Card

If approved by the State, you’ll receive your medical card both via email and in the mail.

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Step Five

Find Relief

Once you have your card, visit a licensed center near you to obtain your natural medicine products.

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Step Six

Follow Up

Consult with our Wellness Professionals about additional services and product support for your overall health and wellness.

Start Your Road to
Relief with Canna

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“Very knowledgeable staff, they were able to answer all of my questions. I was very nervous going into the appointment, and they did a wonderful job at making me welcome and comfortable. The process was much easier than expected, I highly recommend this clinic!”

-Mary S., Facebook Review

“Dr. Wolff and his staff were great. They answered all of my questions. I was very nervous about going but they made me feel welcome as soon as I walked through the door. I was also amazed at how clean and professional their office is. A big thank you to all of them.”

-Linda A., Facebook Review

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